Volterra, medieval wall town in Tuscany

Town of twilight new moon, a day tour to discover why its so facinating and visit the surround like Bolgheri or San Gimignano.

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Situated on a hill and defended by two wall circles, Volterra is one of the most characteristic towns in Tuscany.
The city was named after the ancient Etruscan "Velathri" and is characterized by the historical finds such as Porta dell'Arco, Porta Diana, the Necropolis of Marmini.

The unforgettable amphitheatre of Romans and the Etruscan museums, which were left there by the ancient Etruscans and Romans.castle volterra

During the Mediaeval time, the construction of the Cathedral and the Priori Palace, situated in the square of the same name, had given the shape to what now can be a perfect example of "Borgo Toscano"

A small town that can give emotions by just walking among small streets and arches, all developed from the central square and all protected by the wall that defends the town.

  Volterra is also famous for the old lifestyle and the ancient work of carving and sculpting of alabaster that has been passed from father to son till our times; it is, economically speaking, the main business of the town as well as tourism.palace volterra

It will be so difficult to leave the town without buying one of those small treasures of alabaster; after admiring the culture and the history of Volterra everybody needs one, from the small piece to the big sculpture, it can be a truly nice souvenir or a piece of art that will remind you of Volterra.

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