Carrara marble tour, visit the marble cave in 4x4 jeep  

Discover the Tuscan coast and the incredible beauties that hides, the beaches surmounted by marble quarries where Michelangelo chose the blocks to sculpt, from which created such works as the “Pietà” and the “David”.

Carrara Marble view

After a pleasant ride of an hour and thirty, we will reach Carrara and, from there, we will start the ascent to the caves of Fantaiscritti, famous site for the beauty of thelandscape that can be enjoyed from the top of the quarry and the purity of marble extracted.

You will admire on the climb the snow-white color of the marble without veining that is often mistaken for snow, on the huge and magnificent walls that you will surround.

You will certainly be fascinated by the incredible work that the man made, recognizing the cuts of huge blocks and the explanations of your guide about marble working techniques.

Arrived on the quarry, you will be taken up on powerful 4x4 to address the last part of the climb and reach the operational area, where you can learn the marble processing techniques and admire the incredible scenery of the Apuan Alps dominating the Tyrrhenian Sea, in front of you, and the whole Tuscany's coast.

A little curiosity: do the same route that James Bond did in the movie “Quantum of Solace”, followed by Italian Police at full speed, destroying a house that they rebuilt for dramatic effect and then destroy it again. Your local guide and authorized for access to the quarries with the jeep, will be happy to answer any curiosity you have experienced, being a real expert, regarding the marble in all its forms.

The tour about quarries will last more or less an hour and, at the end, there will be a light lunch with tomatoes and “Lardo di Colonnata” accompanied by a good glass of wine, the snack of real stonemason.

After a snack on the quarries of Carrara, we will continue visiting one of the most interesting places on the Tuscany's coast, Pietrasanta, city of art, that we will reach in 30-40 minutes.

Carrara is famous for the marble used for the flooring and large structures, while today if you think about the art of marble the first place that should come to mind is Pietrasanta, a whole village dedicated to sculpture and marble processing for the creation of statues and others art forms.

A predisposition that comes from far away and that over time has transformed the small workshops in real small companies producing marble and mosaics, in the years, that have attracted famous artists, such as Botero, for the production and reproduction of their works.

A small town that has been transformed into an open-air laboratory with a fervent cultural activity for the production and the promotion of all forms of art related to the area.

We will also visit a complex of laboratories with sculptors, painters and other artists, including the artisans who produce the Botero's works.

An interesting open space with 15 different workshops where you can see the artists at work during the sculpturing or carving processing, and you can see the live different processes used in modern sculpture, but also in the metals casting.

Tour Carrara marble