Bolgheri, wine and cuteness town in Tuscany sea side

Some of the best Tuscany wines like Ornellaia and Sassicaia during a beatiful day in Maremma.

Bolgheri cypress street

Today this warm village can surprise and wonder you. It is a true pearl of Tuscany, all to be admired, and where you can immerse yourself into its characteristic costumes and small gastronomic shops.

The first thing you see upon arrival to Bolgheri will be a wonderful street of cypresses that became famous for a famous Italian poem written by Giosuè Carducci, which talks about that street of cypresses.

The atmosphere of the surrounding countryside is very rich in culture and tradition - the colours of the olive trees and the characteristic entrance door of the town will immediately make you fall in love with this small village.

Originally Bolgheri was a Lombards' defensive settlement which was left in order to support Bulgarians, who had their settlement in the area, in defence to the Byzantines. This is where the name Bolgheri derives from.

The castle was originally called Sala del Duca di Allone, and the name Castle of Bolgheri is shown in reports of around 1075dc. The Castle of Bolgheri endured several attacks: in 1393 Florence's people set the castle on fire and in 1496 it was destroyed by a siege led by Maximilian I of Habsburg.

After the attack the country was left plundered.
In the 1700dc, Conti di Bolgheri, returning in possession of the territory, after the submission of Pisa to Florence, rebuilt the ancient castle of the Conte of Gherardesca a short distance away from where it was founded.

After Conti di Bolgheri's return, the country has lived intense restructures; Conte di Bolgheri has contributed to the rebirth of the area with the creation of an aqueduct, an orphanage, and above all with the investments in the agricultural production of the area.

In more recent times, around 1960, the area has become a place of the first wine productions using new techniques and experiencing new kind of grapes, totally unusual for the territory preferring counter-trend to age and the quality to the yield.

Several important wine productions have derived from this experimentation, such as Ornellaia, Sassicaia, Guado al Tasso. These wines were followed up and checked by oenologists of world-wide reputation like Giacomo Tachis or Piero and Lodovico Antinori.
Furthermore, the blend of Merlot and Cabernet Soavignon obtained the highest appreciation amongst the wines in the area.

Bolgheri town door