This palace was built for will of Cosimo De Medici in the 1560, as his headquarters and judge court of that times (the Uffizi building was commissioned to Giorgio Vasari). From the palace Cosimo De Medici need to be "close to the Arno and his air" and made built an aerial gallery that arrives until the Garden of Boboli, that in future will be Medici Family's residence (Pitti Palace). This too was cured and built by Giorgio Vasari.

But the first one to consider and to use this great palace as "art place" was Francisco I, who placed in the advanced floor, where he love to take a walk, varied sculptures and paintings, commissioning to the Buontalenti the creation of a tribune in which it collected other sculptures.

This palace museum still boasts many paintings and scultures that takes back to the medieval age and it become rich in Roman Rinascimental sculptures, paintings and tapestries, and nowadays have donations of several contemporary artists's works.

This museum is one of the most important of the world and can be surely defined the most important Reinassance museum: majestic and imposing it introduce the works of the greatest artists of the history: Giotto, Cimabue, Botticelli, Leonardo, Michelangelo Buonarroti are only some of them.