The Palazzo Vecchio was built up around 1300, possibly by Arnolfo di Cambio. It was originally the center of the Priori of the art and known as the city political center and symbol.

Sober and elegant overhung from its merlates tower, was habited from the Florentine Lordship from which took the name of Palace of the Lordship.Palazzo Vecchio in Florence Photo

In 1540, then, Cosimo the Medici moved in and transformed the already fascinating true palace in and an own reggia, enriching it, as Medicis used to do, of many artworks: The 500's Hall, the precious Studiolo di Francesco I, the refined Eleonora Quarter and the Quarter of the Elements.

These are only some of the artists whose paintings you can find there: Ghirlandaio, Francisco Salviati, Bronzino, the same Vasari.

Among the sculptures, we can find instead the Genius of the Victoria di Michelangelo and the bronzeo group of Giuditta and Oloferne di Donatello.