Michelangelo began the construction works of what in origin had to be the personal sepulchre of the Medici Family in 1520, inside the S. Lorenzo church, in the heart of Florence, and following the style of Brunelleschi for will of the Medici.Around 1534 Michelangelo moved to Rome and therefore the unfinished work was continued by Vasari and in the years enriched for numerous sculptures, until 1836 when was decorated with the actual cupola for work of Pietro Benvenuti, with Biblical and neo testamentary topics.

In the range of few meters some of the greatest works of Michelangelo meets:

the"Sepolcro di Lorenzo, duca of Urbino" with the sublime statues of the "Pensieroso", next to them there is " Aurora " and the "Twilight" and more the "Sepolcro di Giuliano, duca of Nemours", with the statues of the Duca, the "Day" and the "Night".

Instead, on the third sarcophagus, that contains the mortal remains of Lorenzo il Magnifico and his brother Giuliano, there is the wonderful "Madonna with the Child".

All this and even more have then transformed this sacred place in a wonderful example of Reinassance and baroque art, preserving in the Prince Chapels and in the New Sagresty the mortal remains of Ducas Ferdinand II, Cosimo II, Ferdinand I, Cosimo I, Francisco I and Cosimo III.

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