The Academy Gallery was founded in 1784 for will of Granduca Leopoldo di Lorena who wanted to give to the students of the near Academy of art a place in which studying the artworks of the artists of that period and therefore to better learn and appreciate the techniques studied.

From 1873 it accommodates the David of Michelangelo sculpture - in a dome purposely constructed by architect De Fabris - then transferred from its original position to the Signoria square.

We will enjoy various placed works of the Michelangelo in chronological order since his last ones to the end of the corridor where the David is placed, and we will be able to admire the techniques and the changes of artist's style in the course of his life.

Inside you will be able to see in series works of Lorenzo Monaco, Daddi, Gaddi, Lippi, Perugino, Baldovinetti, Botticelli, Orcagna, Giovanni from Milan.

This Museum is widely known as one of the most important points of reference for the several Reinassance works and therefore visited by numerous students and art enthusiasts from all over the world.

Opening time:

Tuesday to Sunday : 8.15 a.m - 6.50 p.m

Closed all Mondays,1th May,New year's day,Christmas.