The town of the Tufo and tartufo, Orvieto

Important Etruscan rest and the feeling of this town will give you a pleasure day combined with some of the most good food you can find as truffle and porcini mushrooms

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The city of Orvieto> stands on top of a volcanic tuff cliff and it's an extraordinary example of integration of nature with work of man.
An enjoyflorence tour to this city will be a proper journey through history, this area presenting evidences of various ages within a period of time of almost three-thousand years.

The Gothic cathedral and many other remarkable works of architecture like the well of San Patrizio or the Fortezza dell' Ardornoz will soon attract your attention, presenting the cultural richness of the territory.

Orvieto was an important site during the Etruscan era. Rests of Etruscan art can be seen in the Tempio del Belvedere and the Necropoli. The ingenious Pozzo della Cava well shows the ability of the Etruscan engineers.

The urban centre took shape during the early Middle Ages.
By looking at the medieval churches and massive palaces one feels the power and the importance the city has experienced during those centuries.

Throughout the sixteen century, frescos, new palaces and churches designed by famous architects like Michele Sammicheli, Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, Simone Mosca, Raffaello da Montelupo and Ippolito Scalza helped transform the aspect of the city. In more recent times structures in neoclassic style have been added, giving the city its characteristic multi-style look.

An intricate labyrinth of tunnels, galleries, cisterns, wells, quarries and cellars forms an underground city.
Thanks to guided visits though these artificial cavities, the tourist will fully appreciate the charm of this underworld, whose climate properties made it possible for the ancestor inhabitants of Orvieto to perfectly preserve food provisions and wine.
The famous Orvieto wine is still a sign of the extra care people from this area has always put in producing and storing great food.

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