Piazzale Michelangelo, the view of Florence

On the hill obove Florence to see all the Magnificence of the city

Florence David Paizzale

During the "risanamento" Florence has been totally redesigned by the architect Giuseppe Poggi in 1865. In order to complete this opera, very expensive for that time, the architect also designed this big square entitled to Michelagelo Buonarroti.

Today you can access it by a long stair linking a street not far from Ponte Vecchio or by a 8km long street, the Piazzale being in the middle of the street.david florence

This beautiful Square is completed with a neoclassical Loggia that today hosts a panoramic restaurant and a copy of the famous David of Michelangelo. 

From this high position you can see all Florence beneath you and find all the major points of interest. Taking a picture with Florence in the background surely is something to do here.

wall of florenceFrom there you can also see Fiesole and Settignano, two small very nice towns on top of the hill in front of you.

Fiesole is particularly famous and called "Mother of Florence" because it was populated by the Etruscans before Florence was conquered by the Romans, who, once beaten the Etruscans, started to build the city of Florence where the Etruscans had the port of Fiesole: around what we now call Ponte Vecchio.

Wall of Florence