The bikes city, to visit on the two weels or slow strolling

One of the capitals of the Italian Renaissance, harmoniously built by the Este Family between the two medieval and renaissance eras that alternate and in the city center's constructions, merging in a unique style that characterizes the entire city.

Called "the bicycle's city" for the use that goes far beyond the national average and also, for the fact that, it's a great pleasure to visit or to move across the two wheels, it's important not to miss a tour of the ancient city walls and the banks of the river.

Among the most important things to see is the Estense Castle, the former residence of the Estense Dukes and Palazzo dei Diamanti; following the harmonius and central Cathedral beside the lodge, which hosted and still hosts the weekly market.

It's absolutely essential to taste the "cappellacci" filled with pumpkin and parmesan cheese and the "macaroni pie", a baked pasta with different meats used for the sauce.