The people and the food for a day tour in one of the most interesting place in Italy

The rich and industrious emilian city par excellence, known by many pseudonyms such as Bologna “the Learned” because it has the oldest university in Europe that still characterizes by the high density of students, making it always full of events and entertainments. Bologna “the Fat”, for the culinary specialties such as lasagne, tortellini (better said cappelletti, tortellini are emilian ) the sauce of the same name and in general all egg pasta such as tagliatelle, but definitely you can try the good mortadella from Bologna. Also very famous is the local wine that is called Lambrusco, a light sparkling red wine that is the perfect match with the fat food of the area to clean mouth and prepare for the new dish. Or Bologna “the Red”, for the roofs of the houses that maintain the ancient medieval coloring and give it an old-fashioned air to the whole center and to the arcades that surround it . You can see, in a leisurely stroll through the arcades of Piazza Maggiore and Torre degli Asinelli, and St. Stefano, of course, the whole center and the journey will be livened by the crisp air of small town that is equal in every way to the big cities, in fact preserves the traditions and hospitality jealously, as a source of pride to show to the stranger who wants to find it out.