Tuscany: land of ancient taste and recipes famous throughout all Italy.Were the culture and character of a people can be also acknowledge through the food of tradition.

From the Florentine steak to ribollita, tomato pappa or lampredotto, you will have the chance to learn how to cook Tuscany dishes in a nice cooking school where you will also learn about the culture linked to the food.

Interesting is the origin of the Tuscan bread called 'sciocco', i.e. insipid. Its peculiarity is due to some disputes with the Pope, who in the past had levied a high tax on the salt traded by Vatican. Thereafter, Florentine people, a bit for anti-clericalism, a bit for poverty, simply started to produce bread without salt, as it's still happening today.

You'll have the opportunity to learn many other interesting facts about the Tuscan cuisine, followed by professional chefs in modern and organised kitchens during an entire day of cooking school in Tuscany.

There will be a suggestion of different settings to prepare the Tuscan recipes that appeal you best, from a little cooking school in a farm to a private home in Florence and in Chianti, cooking the traditional recipes as if you were at home, with the assistance of professional chefs, or with passionate amateurs who want to share their culinary experience.

Here you can find our favourite cooking schools, each one with in a different setting and on a different level anddifferent locations from the cooking school of a professional chef to the one held by a 'mamma' who'll share the stoves with you.