Parmigiano Cheese, Ferrari and Balsamic vinegar tour

Bologna Bologna
Duration: 11 Hours
Scale: 2 - 8 people
From: Bologna
Tour size: 8
Languages: Eng-Ita-Spa-Jp
Transportations: Car
Visit Modena in our food tour, acetaia, cheese maker and winery in Modena. Included: Private car, driver assistance, winetating, acetaia cellar tour, chhese maker factory visit,light lunch.
After two hours driving through the Appennini, just after Bologna, we come across Modena, a small Italian city known for its famous tower the "Ghirlandina" or for the marvellous Romanesque Dome.But what attracts the tourists most is the good food that one comes across in this area: the esteemed salami and cheese like the Parmiggiano Reggiano cheese and the even more renowned Balsamic vinegar.

Our tour of Modena will start with a visit to a famous Acetaia (where the balsamic vinegar is made), and where during a tour through 50years old barrels the experts will explain us the various procedures and the secret that make this product one of the treasures of this region, still made in the way our grand fathers did. And in some cases the outcome of their secret is still stored in those barrels where they put it 50 years ago.

After tasting various balsamic vinegars of Modena from different years of aging, in order to better appreciate the flavour and the value that the time brings to this product,we will move on to the cheese factory of the Parmiggiano Reggiano, the original brand of the tradition cheese, where we will have the opportunity to taste different types of this cheese and visit the dairy factory accompanied by an expert who will describe us the various phases of the production.

For the cheese to have this name and the genuineness granted by the brand, the Parmigiano Reggiano must be produced in the area between Modena, Reggio Emilia and Parma

At this point of the trip a lunch break will be strictly required. We can recommend different types of Italian cuisine, all typical of Modena and appreciated by the majority of the Italians, who never miss to stop by to taste the famous Tortellini of Modena, the local boiled meet and other delicious typical dishes that can only be tasted in this area. We are referring to the "Gnocco Fritto" and the "Tigelle". The former being a sort of fried sliced pasta filled with any kind of salami from the area, whereas the latter consists of small disks of pasta leaven on a hot plate, with a filling of salami and lard, spiced with rosemary and garlic.

Modena is certainly not famous for its light food, but we can guarantee that the dishes here presented are absolutely delicious and even the most weight-watchers girls will be happy to break their diet to taste these delicacies of Modena.

After lunch we will have some time to visit the Ferrari museum or the Ferrari F1 official Race Track with all its shops, where, if we will be lucky, we will see some F1 trial laps on the Fiorano's Race Track, before visiting some of the surrounding Ferrari shops, on request.

On our way back we can stop by the centre of Modena for a stroll in order to visit the Ghirlandina and Dome, before taking the motorway for Florence.

The route described here is very rich and you will likely take something off, as it would be impossible to do all in one day. Before the departure we will help you customize your tour to Modena, in order for you to decide where to spend more time or what you would like to try for lunch.