Monteriggioni: to see  between Siena and Florence

The Castle of Monteriggioni it means name of God.

Monteriggioni Ch.

The Castle of Monteriggioni it means name of God. It was built around the 1200 for the same people of Siena to avoid the expansion of the Florentines.

The tremendous strip of wall which surround Monteriggioni's Castle is a breathtaking.

It has moved even Dante's fantasy as he mentioned in the Divine Comedy (C. XXXI).
Its round shape is well known around the world as the Crown of the head (Italy).
They are 14 towers in total to amazed anyone those towers appear like enormous and strong, it couldn't be the other way.
The high reaches nearly 600 metres.

The urban centre took shape during the early Middle Ages.
By looking at the medieval churches and massive palaces one feels the power and the importance the city has experienced during those centuries.

Throughout the sixteen century, frescos, new palaces and churches designed by famous architects like Michele Sammicheli, Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, Simone Mosca, Raffaello da Montelupo and Ippolito Scalza helped transform the aspect of the city.

In more recent times structures in neoclassic style have been added, giving the city its characteristic multi-style look.

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