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Monteriggioni: the small town and the walls mentioned by Dante in the Divina Commedia

monteriggioni panorama

Fifteen minutes from Siena Monteriggioni: A town which impressed Dante…

square of monteriggioniThe Castle of Monteriggioni it means name of God. It was built around the 1200 for the same people of Siena to avoid the expansion of the Florentines. The tremendous strip of wall which surround Monteriggioni’s Castle is a breathtaking.
It has moved even Dante’s fantasy as he mentioned in the “Divine Comedy” (C. XXXI).
Its round shape is well known around the world as the “Crown of the head” (Italy). They are 14 towers in total to amazed anyone those towers appear like enormous and strong, it couldn’t be the other way.
The high reaches nearly 600 metres.

church monteriggioni

At the time, the Fortress was a Seneses Dyke built in 1203 against the Florentine’s expansion.
Siena was a Republic for about 300 hundred years, but it fall in 1554 when the Capitan of the troop, in agreement with the Florentines; submited the Fortress without fighting, in exchanged of his honors as soldier and the indemnifism for his family. monteriggioni walls



Moreover, according to some legends there were secret’s passageway between the Castle and the other defense even an underground passage forward Siena.
It would remain as part of a mysterious.
From far, the view of Monteriggioni’s Castle is fantastic. It gives a feeling og living in a still Era. Perhaps, its people and reality has changed.
However, Monteriggioni conserves its style as always was.
The beauty and the location of Monteriggioni is also being used in different films.
This part of Tuscany is visited each year for at least 70000 tourist. To arrive to Monteriggioni is easy and only fifteen minutes from Siena.