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The Basilica of Saint Francis containing the frescoes of Giotto, immersed in the mystical Assisi, a suggestive tour in Umbria.

assisi panorama

Tour in Assisi: San Francesco Church and history of the Saint

From its position of 424 metres above sea level Assisi dominates the plain of the Topino and Chiascio.

Rocca on the top of Assisi

Thanks to its religious atmosphere owed to the mystical memory of Saint Francis and its magnificent monuments,Assisi is visited by tourists and pilgrims from all parts of the world.

The buildings and the winding, narrow city streets are made from the red and white stone from Monte Subasio onto which the terraces that form the foundations of the city rest.

The devotion to the flowers that decorate the windows, balconies and city streets make a walk through this ancient centre even more pleasurable.

small street in Assisi

From every angle you cannot help but notice the Sacred mountain that overlooks the city.

We must remind you to visit the world-famous Basilica of Saint Francis, where you can see the frescoes that represent the life of the Saint painted by Giotto, the Duomo and annexed Museo Capitolare, the Temple of Minerva, the Basilica of Saint Clare, Rocca Maggiore and Saint Damian's.

San Francesco Church that you can visit in Assisi tour